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Imago Facilitators are professionals – such as teachers, physicians, lawyers and business owners – committed to strengthening relationships. Using Imago tools and techniques to generate connection, improve cooperation and deepen learning, we work with groups and organizations to increase relational intelligence.

Why choose Imago Facilitation?

Many groups and organizations suffer from high employee turnover, job dissatisfaction, low productivity, high stress levels, job burnout and more. Imago Facilitators empower teams and organizations with tools to connect, communicate, build quality relationships and thrive.

Imago Facilitators bring 30 years of relationship research and experience to groups and organizations, transforming them with scientifically based skills that increase engagement and effectiveness. Through customized programs, they guide clients in building a connected and productive organizational community, and empower professionals with tools to nurture connection, improve cooperation, deepen growth and prevent conflict.

What will you learn in Imago training programs?

  • Experience collaboration and cooperation in spite of differences.
  • Eliminate negativity in your personal and professional relationships.
  • Transform conflict to connection.
  • Transform frustrations into healthy requests and boundaries.
  • Save energy, time and cost while increasing productivity and results.
  • Upgrade and harmonize verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Proactively harness growth and development stages.

How will customized training programs help teams and individuals?

  • Create environments with greater respect, ease, trust, connection, support and accountability.
  • Quickly bounce back into a healthy and connected place after experiencing conflict/disconnect.
  • Experience and practice greater self-awareness, emotional self-regulation and empathy in day to day life.
  • Effectively process stressful conversation dynamics and transform breakdowns/pitfalls/patterns that hinder effective communication.
  • Heal the impact of past damage through "repair" skills.
  • Provide feedback/reviews that can be received without defensiveness or hurt.
  • Lead meetings that grow relationships and leave participants feeling valued, inspired and invested in their work and the team.

How long does it take to customize training programs?

Our customized programs typically take two weeks to create for organizations with 10+ trainees. However, it can vary depending on your specific needs.  We'll begin the process with an initial intake/assessment with the assigned contact person from the group/network and can begin training employees within four weeks of the intake.

How long will your training programs last?

Once our trained facilitators assess your needs, they will coordinate a timeline and structure to achieve your goals through a custom-tailored curriculum, Depending on your needs, our trainings range from two-hour lunch and learn workshops to day-long seminars.

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"I am walking away empowered with numerous insights and a renewed connection and plan for going forward."
"The process felt natural to do and we were given a safe environment to practice the steps."
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Outside of North America?

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