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Bias Reporting

IRNA welcomes any and all complaints, feedback, or concerns and will take action when it is within the domain of the organization to do so. For issues outside of the domain of the organization, IRNA will direct the complainant to the proper organization or authority and make our best effort to help facilitate a resolution.

Our Commitment...

Imago Relationships North America (IRNA), as an organization, consciously commits to increasing awareness and understanding for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) within our organization. We will continually review policies, behaviors, actions, and programs and work to ensure we are aware, culturally proficient, and antiracist. We commit to providing platforms for ongoing education and reflection for our members’ growth and deeper understanding. As an organization, we recognize the lasting impact of historic transgenerational injustices and choose to align with sustainable transformation and pledge to be accountable for doing the work toward an equitable and just future. IRNA welcomes and aims to be enriched by all people and cultures. 

If there is any barrier to your joining or participating in IRNA or its events, we will do our best to help. Please send us an email...we want to hear from you!

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Audit

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) trainer and auditor, Jessy Molina, of Molina Consulting LLC has been working with the Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI) to conduct an audit of Imago Relationships North America (IRNA). Since January of 2022, Jessy has been conducting interviews with IRNA members and leadership, collecting survey feedback and reviewing IRNA's programs and content with the goal of helping IRNA define guidelines, policies, best practices to ensure justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion are practiced throughout our organization.

The intention of the audit is to help IRNA in our ongoing Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work by identifying:

  • Systemic issues and challenges within IRNA and our field of work

  • Interpersonal issues and challenges that may embody implicit bias, inequity, and micro-aggressive behavior

  • Areas where accountability and responsibility are needed to continually build and sustain an equitable and inclusive environment for present and future practitioners and clients of Imago

The JEDI Circle hosted a Community Meeting in June 2022 where DEI auditor, Jessy Molina, presented her findings and recommendations from the audit. Below you will find links to both the audit report and a recording of the meeting.

In October 2022 a group of dedicated Imago Professionals met for a 2-day intensive Strategy Session to create an action plan for implementing the recommendations that came out of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion audit. Watch this information-packed video to hear about the results of that session.

Imago Scholarship Opportunities

ADDRESSING Diversity Scholarship
ADDRESSING Diversity Scholarship
Age and generational influences, Developmental or other Disability, Religion and spirituality, Ethnic and racial identity, Socioeconomic status, Sexual orientation, Indigenous heritage, National origin, and Gender.

In recognition and understanding of the complexities of individual identity and in an effort to increase diversity and representation in the Imago community, two ADDRESSING Diversity Scholarship spots will be available in each session of each module of the IRNA Sponsored Clinical Training Online.
Click below for more information on the training sessions that qualify for this scholarship:

BIPOC Scholarship for Advanced Imago Training

Scholarship opportunities for individuals identifying as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC) Imago Advanced Training in North America.

Click here for upcoming Advanced Training dates and registration.

"We want a culture that is inclusive of everyone and where everyone who joins feels they have the opportunities to succeed and grow."

~ Nellie Borrero

Want to get involoved?

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Circle

The JEDI Circle works to influence and make recommendations to ensure the organization is operating through the lens of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion as informed by the DEI audit conducted in early 2022. The circle meets for one hour, weekly on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm Eastern. 

Latasha Harrison for more information.

Black, Indigenous, & People of Color (BIPOC) Circle

The BIPOC Circle offers members of IRNA who identify as BIPOC a place to temporarily put down the experience of marginalization and nurture relationships and trust in a space held through shared experience, common understanding, collective wisdom, strength and solidarity, and collective visions of what we can do together. The circle meets for 90 minutes on the second Saturday of each month at 12 pm Eastern.

Contact Sonali Sadequee for more information.

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Diversity and Inclusion

IRNA welcomes and aims to be enriched by all people and cultures.

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