Imago Parenting Program

Parenting isn't easy!

Learn the tools you need to be the best parent you can be! IRNA is thrilled to be offering these 3 specialized, parenting courses on the topics of Babies Brains, The Parental Contract and Parenting Teens with Imago Parenting expert, Marcia Ferstenfeld.

If you're a parent or work with parents, these programs are for you!

Babies Brains

Go deeper into understanding the beginning of life in the brains of babies, their development, babies' needs, and the impact of the environment.

In this course, participants will learn to:

  • Describe the developmental steps of infants
  • Define the impact of connection on the evolving brain
  • Identify the methods with which babies convey their needs
  • Identify the receiving paths of babies

The agenda for this course includes:

0:00 -0:10 Introduction and check-in
0:10 - 0:15 Introduction the early developing brain
0:15 - 0:35 Components of Imago dialogue
0:35 - 0:40 Imagery
0:40 - 1:00 Break-out sharing
1:00 - 1:20 Right brain-left brain
1:20 - 1:40 Power of connection and potential challenges
1:40 - 1:50 Questions and Answers
1:50 - 2:00 Process and closing

The Parental Contract

Examine the phenomenon of the "parental contract' and the unconscious power that agreement holds.

In this course, participants will learn to:

  • Interpret and discover subtleties of the Parental Contract
  • Distinguish and recognize the link between childhood adaptations and Parenting patterns
  • Identify the personal/professional challenges linked to the Parental Contract

The agenda for this course includes:

0:00 -0:10 Introduction and check-in
0:10 - 0:20 The concept
0:20 - 0:25 Guided meditation
0:25 - 0:30 Brief Writing on meditation
0:30 - 0:45 Break-out 
0:45 - 1:00 S
upportive and restrictive childhood messages
1:00 - 1:10 How to Break the counter-productive aspects
1:10 - 1:20 Layers of Change
1:20 - 1:35 The Parenting Challenge
1:35 - 1:50 Break-out
1:50 - 1:55 Process new learnings
1:55 - 2:00 Wrap up and check-out

Parenting Teens the Imago Way

Parenting teens can feel like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall! Gain insight and add strategies to overcome the challenges of dealing with adolescents and teens.

In this course, participants will learn to:

  • Gain insight into the challenging behaviors of teens
  • We will look at the underlying needs behind teen behaviors and challenges
  • Discover more about the impact gender differences
  • Understand the importance of connection

The agenda for this course includes:

0:00 -0:10    Introduction and check-in
0:10 - 0:25   Challenges of parenting teens: cultural, neurological
0:25 - 0:35   Needs that drive classic teen behaviors
0:35 - 0:50   Imago processes and theory as they inform dealing with teens
0:50 - 1:00   Approaches to the maintenance of connection
1:00 - 1:10   Methods of repair from ruptured connection
1:00 - 1:10   How to Break the counter-productive aspects
1:10 - 1:15   Examine the impact of parenting patterns
1:15 - 1:25   Break-out to process exercise
1:25 - 1:30   Process and share
1:30 - 1:35   Restoring - reclaiming - revisioning relationship to teen
1:35 - 1:40   Examining the parenting challenge
1:40 - 1:50   Break-out to share and process the parenting challenge
1:50 - 1:55   Process new insights and opportunities for growth
1:55 - 2:00   Closing and check-out

Who should register?

The Imago Parenting Program is for everyone!

Parents of children of all ages, Grandparents, Professionals that work with parents...

Anyone who wants to learn about effective, connected parenting should take these courses!

Pricing and Discounts

$60 per course

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There is no conflict of interest or commercial support for this program.

Continuing Education

These Live Interactive Webinars provide 2 CE hours each and are cosponsored by R. Cassidy Seminars, P.O. Box 14473, Santa Rosa, CA 95402.

Satisfactory Completion
Participants must have paid tuition fee, signed in and out each day, attended the entire seminar, and completed an evaluation in order to receive a certificate. Failure to sign in or out each day will result in forfeiture of credit for the entire course. No exceptions will be made. Partial credit is not available.Certificates available after satisfactory course completion at

Full CE information for these courses can be found by clicking below.

Babies Brains

The Parental Contract

Parenting Teens

About Marcia

Marcia Ferstenfeld, M.A., CIRT, CI is known for her keen grasp of the heart of Imago theory and practice. She has been a moving force in Imago since 1993. Marcia brings warmth, humor, clarity, knowledge and intuition to her teaching which creates a learning environment that benefits every learning style.

Marcia works to create a safe environment that allows participants to stretch into their potential, and do the work of growth and healing, both personally and professionally. The core of her clinical practice, Imago has transformed her work. Assisted by Larry, her husband of 55 years, the two bring a wealth of insight and experience gleaned from their personal devotion to their own evolving Imago relationship.


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Presented by
Marcia Ferstenfeld, M.A., CIRT, CI

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