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Ketamine and Couples Therapy

presented by Josh Gressel, PhD

Friday, March 15, 2024

9 am Pacific, 10 am Mountain, 11 am Central, 12 pm Eastern for 3 hours

Working with ketamine in couples therapy is akin to riding a battery assisted bicycle — you still need to pedal, but it’s much easier to ride!

Ketamine is joining the psychological mainstream for use with treatment resistant depression and other hard to resolve issues. Low dose ketamine can be used to help treatment resistant couples, helping them drop their defenses and communicate clearly and listen cleanly to their partner — essentially mimicking a dialog at its best.

This workshop will cover the details of dosing and how ketamine can be used with couples.  Several couples who have used ketamine as part of their treatment have agreed to join for part of the training so they can describe their experiences and be available to answer questions.  There will also be a video of a high conflict couple grappling with a challenging issue before and after using ketamine, so participants will be able to see how ketamine can impact treatment.

Learning Objectives

After this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss and learn the steps to take to use ketamine in their practice 

  • Detect and learn the difference of a couple dialoguing with and without ketamine

  • Differentiate when ketamine could be helpful to a couple in their practice 

  • Classify how ketamine fits into the psychedelic universe

This webinar will be presented online via Zoom and is intended for therapists in general at the intermediate level.


“I was lucky enough to attend the break out session at the Las Vegas Conference where Josh Gressel talked about ketamine and how to use it with couples. What a fascinating presentation! One of the things that impressed me the most is that Josh and his wife had many experiences taking the medication. In addition to sharing his extensive personal knowledge, he had a couple who he had been working with do a dialogue before taking ketamine and then after. The results were remarkable. In my experience, the couple were much more self reflective and connected after taking the ketamine.

Since attending this conference I have sent some of my most stuck couples to a psychiatrist who is a specialist in working with ketamine, and all three couples have had an amazing outcome. They have shifted from blaming and shaming, to being able to be compassionate and kind. They also are working collaboratively to improve their relationship.” Maya Kollman, Ph.D., Master Trainer of Imago International Training Institute.

"I deeply appreciated attending the Las Vegas breakout, because it was extremely eye-opening. It was candid, offering a true sense of what the couple was experiencing with ketamine, and a perspective was shared of a negative experience also. I found myself much more aware in an experiential fashion of how ketamine could change a couple therapy experience. I’m really grateful to have attended such an informed and full bodied presentation of how ketamine could enhance a couple therapy experience." Chana Pfeifer-Sytner, LCSW, Advanced Imago Clinician, EMDR trained

“Witnessing Dr. Gressel’s powerful work with a couple live in Vegas without and with the ketamine, I was in awe at the transformation of openness and depth that occurred in the dialogue between the couple. When I got back to New Jersey after the Imago
Conference, I immediately signed up with Journey Clinical so that I too could facilitate this modality in my own practice.” Nicole Wegweiser, LCSW, MSW, Certified Imago Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist

About Josh Gressel

Josh Gressel, Ph.D. Is a licensed psychologist with 36 years’ clinical experience and a certified Imago therapist with 20 years’ experience. He recently completed a two-year certification program in ketamine assisted therapy.

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