A Taste of "Keeping The Love You Find"
An introduction to the Imago Workshop for Individuals

presented by "The Keepers"
Carol Kramer, Dorsey Cartwright, Jill Wolf and Sophie Slade

“Every Imago Therapist should do this workshop at least once a year for the rest of their lives!” 
- Sophie Slade. 

Originally designed by Harville Hendrix with major input from Sunny Shulkin and Maya Kollman the Keeping The Love You Find weekend workshop experience was designed to support singles in becoming ready to find and keep the love they yearned for. A small group of Imago therapists calling themselves "The Keepers" took the material to a new level, recognizing the powerful applicability of the work to couples and groups as well as individuals.

Come and learn from The Keepers how this work enriched their relationships as they co-created the Advanced Toolbox and updated the Keeping workshop. Re-discover ways to enhance your therapy with all of your clients and strengthen your own growth. 

Learning Objectives

After this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify key differences between the KLYF and the GTLYW material 
  • Describe benefits of using the Keeping work with individuals, couples and groups. 
  • Apply the Keeping tools in their work.

This webinar will be presented online via Zoom and is intended for therapists in general at the intermediate level.

About The Keepers

Carol Kramer, LCSW is a sought after, clinical Imago Faculty trainer trained by Imago founder Dr. Harville Hendrix. Carol brings enthusiasm, passion, expertise, warmth and clarity to the process of understanding and learning Imago theory. She is able to break down the skills of how to utilize the theory in practice in a tangible and practical way regardless of learning style. She is a gifted teacher as well as a compassionate, thoughtful and connected healer which makes the process of learning and engaging in the process safe, fun and productive.

Dorsey Cartwright, LMFT, LPC, CCMHC is a certified Imago Relationship therapist, a Voice Dialogue trainer, and a past-president of the Austin Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. A deep desire to heal lingering wounds with her own adult sons guided her to the Generations Dialogue Workshop, which provided a safe, empowering structure for their healing and growth. Now certified by Dr.’s Roland and Sabine Bösel, Imago workshop presenters, and creators of the Generations Dialogue Workshop, she has been providing this healing opportunity to other parents and adult sons and daughters in a number of countries - most recently New Zealand. “I love watching the joy and liberation they experience as they go through this process together.” 

Jill Wolf, LCSW is an Imago Advanced Clinician, Workshop Presenter, and Associate Faculty of the Imago International Training Institute. She is among the first people from the Chicago area to be trained by Harville Hendrix beginning in 1989. Jill is an active member of the Imago community and has been the resident stand-up comedian at the Imago conferences around North America. Her 5 kids (and 3 grandkids) keep her humble by telling her she's not that funny, but her partner of 13 years, Danny, reassures her that she is.

Sophie Slade, Ph.D., has been deeply involved in the world of Imago since she did her Basic Clinical Training in 1992 with Harville Hendrix, founder of Imago.  As a workshop presenter since 1996 she has traveled the world giving Imago workshops for couples and singles in French and English.  Sophie is a Senior Clinical Instructor on the faculty of the Imago International Training Institute  and has been active in creating new courses and updating the Imago Clinical Training manual, as well as teaching internationally.  In 2014 she received the Harville Hendrix Award for Clinical Excellence and in 2008 the Helen LaKelly Hunt Award for Community Building.  People describe Sophie as warm, funny and authentic and say she creates an environment that is safe, respectful and supports personal sharing and learning.  Her use of language, metaphor and personal stories brings the concepts to life.

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