Imago Professional Training

Become a Certified Imago Professional Facilitator

The Imago Professional Facilitator Program is designed to help professionals in a wide range of fields to become effective at creating stronger and more productive relationships through use of the Imago Dialogue. 

Focusing on the application of Imago processes in non-therapeutic contexts, this training prepares individuals to integrate Imago as both a method and a personal approach within their professional lives. Imago Professional Facilitator training is designed for those who wish to make use of Imago theories and techniques within the specialized context of their own profession. 

Course Structure

Level 1 - Fundamentals of Imago Facilitation 

Fundamentals of Imago Facilitation presents some basic concepts of relational competence, including presence, safety and connection.  Participants learn and practice the elements of the Imago Dialogue process and how to apply these in various settings with others who are not familiar with this amazingly effective way of communicating. An understanding of basic human developmental needs and areas of functioning guides the Facilitator in their way of being.  A clear model of current and desired functioning helps Facilitators conceptualize issues that clients may present with, and to help them move towards new possibilities.  Relational ethics and working with diversity are also addressed. 

In addition to the Fundamentals course, Level 1 participants are required to attend a Getting the Love You Want or Keeping the Love You Find workshop.

This course may stand alone or be taken as a pre-requisite for the certification program.

Level 2 - Become a Certified Imago Professional Facilitator

  • Three Specialization Courses
    • Working with Individuals   
    • Working with Dyads
    • Choose 1 of the following: 
      • Working with Groups 
      • Working with Organizations
      • Presentation SkillsPresentation Skills
  • PODS Course: Six group supervision/practice sessions and project development which can be taken concurrently with other courses.
  • Video Submission
  • Personal Project

Level 3 - Additional Learning Options

  • Community Organizing
  • Working with Families
  • Characterological Growth 

Who should take this course?

The training is appropriate for a wide range of professionals, including:

  • Leaders/ Executives/Managers
  • Physicians/ Health Care Workers
  • Educators
  • Lawyers
  • Administrators
  • Coaches
  • Mediators
  • Business Owners
What to expect

The program is designed for the application of Imago tools for managers, professionals, educators, community leaders, and those ready for the next level of personal growth.  Attend with your business or life partner, if possible.

  • Acquire facilitation skills to help individuals, dyads and groups build integration.
  • Learn a proven model of communication that builds trust, teamwork, creativity, motivation and belonging to use yourself and teach to others
  • Know your own strengths and challenges;
  • Manage conflict situations in a structured way that provides safety for all
  • Grow yourself as a person and as a facilitator of connection between others that you can continue to use long after the program ends

Through this program, you will learn:

  • The Imago Dialogue
  • Attuned listening
  • Facilitation skills
  • Conflict managment
  • Team building
  • Communologue
  • Validation and empathy
  • Relationship science
How, When, Where, & How Much?

All sessions are online, via Zoom.

$690 - Fundamentals of Facilitation
Meets weekly for 7 weeks, 3 hours per session

$990 each - Specialization Courses
Most courses meet weekly for 6 weeks, 3 hours per session*
*may vary slightly by course

$4600 - Overall Certification program cost
(includes Fundamentals, 3 Specialization Courses and PODs)

Scholarships are available
Click here for more information about our scholarship opportunities.

Upcoming Facilitator Training

Wendy Palmer Patterson, Sophie Slade, John Mortensen, Kobus van der Merwe

Fundamentals of Imago Facilitation

Spring and Fall 2023

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Working with Individuals

May - June 2023

More Info
Working with Groups

Sept - Oct 2023

More Info
Working with Organizations

March 2023

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Presentation Skills

Monthly on 4th Wednesdays

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