The Attuned Therapist

Working with Reactivity and Resistance - Online Advanced Training

presented by Maya Kollman & Joanne Audyatis

Learn to use the skills of the Imago Dialogue to more effectively facilitate connection based on the developmental stages of the couples.

This course is designed to teach therapists how to use their own centered, embodied, and attuned presence to meet a couple or client where they are and bring the structure to them in an attuned, safe way.

As therapists we expect a little chaos. However, there are couples who just seem to challenge us every step of the way. Even when resistance and reactivity center on the dialogue itself, we can track energy with skill, empathy and compassion, moving couples toward connection, replacing negativity with positivity and affirmation. Through the use of video clips, role plays, demonstrations and didactic material we will create an interactive, fun and dynamic space to focus on our own inner attunement and ability to connect, thereby deepening our work.

Course Description

From an Imago perspective, anxiety is at the core of all relational challenges. Anxiety causes clients to react to their partner in unconscious, hurtful, and destructive ways, and it causes clients to be very resistant to the counseling process. Anxiety in the therapist also causes unconscious reactivity and resistance to the counseling process. This course challenges the traditional understanding of resistance and reframes it as an indication of something much deeper—Terror. Taught from the perspective of the relational paradigm and Imago Relationship Theory, this course employs a combination of interactive lectures, personal writing exercises, role play, and demonstrations.

This course challenges the participants to identify their reactivity. It explores when and how that shows up in the counseling session sabotaging the entire counseling process. Course participants learn skills to determine their countertransference and stay consciously present with themselves and consciously attuned to their clients in session. This course explains the participant to model and teaches attunement, compassion, validation, and empathy in the therapy session to empower highly reactive couples to be their wounded healers and step into loving long-lasting, fulfilling love relationships. This course employs findings from the research in neurosciences, attachment theory, mindfulness, and Imago Relationship Theory. 

Learning Objectives & Agenda

In this course, participants will learn to...

  • Define and recognize couples who present a clinical challenge 
  • Define attunement and its clinical implications 
  • Explain the significance of anxiety 
  • Define the Relational Paradigm 
  • Review the unique role of the Imago therapist 
  • Identify their own personal reactive behaviors both inside & outside the office
  • Review the importance of interacting dialogically with their couples 
  • Discuss and learn new and different applications of the validation step of the dialogue 
  • Name the role anxiety plays in the therapist and learn clinical skills for staying present when anxious 
  • Discuss and illustrate the importance of being the lead energy or leading with “empathic authority” 
  • Identify couples at the first four developmental stages 
  • Identify and review the developmental needs and how they present in adult intimate relationships 
  • Plan how to use clinical attunement skills learned to target these relational needs of couples 
  • Review the psychological journey’s importance in the relational paradigm 
  • List five interventions to support safe sending and five interventions to support attuned and connected receiving 
  • Utilize sentence stems that support positive, forward moving growth with couples

Click here for a detailed agenda for this course.

This program is intended for Certified Imago Therapists, Certified Imago Facilitators and Educators and Certified Imago Workshop Presenters at the advanced level. There is no conflict of interest or commercial support for this program.

Continuing Education

We apologize for the inconvenience. At this time, we are unable to offer Continuing Education credits for this training.

About Maya

Maya Kollman, PhD is a Psychotherapist, a former Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies at Rutgers University, and a member of AAMFT and AACD. She is an Imago Advanced Clinician and Master Trainer. No one is fooled by Maya’s youthful face and bountiful energy. While it is true that she can out-run and out-work anyone on the planet, Maya is an old soul. Her wisdom is profound; she knows Imago as she knows the rich soil of the earth; it’s as if she’s walked this path before. Her huge heart is only matched by her intelligence, her wit, her compassion, and her commitment to the blossoming of all those who work with her. She is in a loving relationship with Barbara, her partner in work and love and in parenting four children.

About Joanne

Joanne Audyatis, LMHC has been helping couples find deep connection for over 25 years. She has a private practice of Imago Therapy on Cape Cod. As a certified Imago workshop presenter Joanne, along with her husband, Todd, present weekend long workshops to couples from around the world. They are the lead clinical assistants to Harville and Helen at their workshops at Kripalu. Joanne also co-teaches with Harville and Helen at the Cape Cod Institute.

Joanne is an Advanced Imago Clinician and Faculty Associate through the Imago International Training Institute. For more information and training opportunities please visit

Thursday, July 25 -
Sunday, July 28, 2024

Online, via Zoom
7:00 am Pacific, 8:00 am Mountain, 9:00 am Central, 10:00 am Eastern
for 7 hours each day

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