Imago Conference 2023

Pre-Conference Advanced Training


Pre Conference Advanced Training

Monday, October 9 - Wednesday, October 11, 2023

9:00 am - 6:00 pm Pacific, each day

Join us for this amazing opportunity to train from some Imago greats, IN PERSON! 

24 Continuing Education (CE) Credits will be available for purchase with each training.

Imago Through the Developmental Lens

presented by Sophie Slade & Jesica Eames

Through a review of Imago Developmental theory, videos, role-plays, case studies, and discussions, participants deepen their understanding of the first four developmental stages of Connecting, Exploration, Identity, and Competence. Wounding, unmet needs, and adaptive strategies from childhood experiences can manifest in the adult couple relationship. It gives therapists a sense of the language, behaviors, and complaints through which the developmental issues manifest and how to help couples do the critical work of healing and growth to finish childhood and reach their fullest potential.

Characterological Growth

presented by Wendy Patterson & Pierrette Richard

Come explore your shadow, how it works in relationships, and how we can integrate our missing selves in order to reclaim our full aliveness. This course is designed to go deeply into the ways your defenses and your character structure affect others. Another purpose is to grow your container so you can be big enough to hold all that life hands you and to help you rock between the joy and the sorrow of life. Couples, individuals, and professionals in the Imago community are welcome to attend this course. No previous Imago training is required.

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