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For the past 30 years from the beginning of my private practice relational healing using Imago therapy has run deeply through my work with couples, individuals and families. I became a certified Imago Relationship Therapist in 1992. I've worked with survivors of many different types of trauma and with persons of many differing cultures and ethnic backgrounds in our wonderfully diverse city. I am able to integrate cognitive therapy, object relations, jungian theory , mindfulness and a variety of other effective practices, including hypnotherapy and /or integrating a client's faith practices with Imago if they desire to do so.
Some of the most courageous souls I have met have come through incredible trauma or challenge of one kind or another. Yet they take the journey to heal and grow and we find mutually agreeable ways compatible with their beliefs to aid them on the path out of victimhood into surviving and thriving.
Often it involves the finding peace with God, self, or others. For many it is all three.

Additionally I have found important neuroscience research and meditative and contemplative practices that have aided much in the last 20 years helping persons find effective ways to ground themselves, leave reactivity and choose intentionality /conscious connection, transforming their personal lives and relationships.

Helping clients heal and grow in their committed marriage and family relationships remain deeply ingrained in the core of my heart. I remain joyfully married 36 years and growing to my one and only. The divine design of committed marriage as in committed community offers many opportunities for continuing conversion of heart and growth if we stay the course. Imago and spiritual beliefs and practices offer the way to co create the type of love we long for - where one wills the highest good for the other. Amazingly this fuels our own growth. Stay the course, the journey together helps us grow in mercy and wisdom and leads to agape type of love.
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