RELATIONSHIP QUIZ: Relationship scenario - what would you do?

Couple sledding

The holiday season is fast approaching, and both you and your partner have time off from work. You’d like to go skiing in Park City Utah to experience the celebrity resort life for two weeks. Your partner would like to host his immediate family at your home for 2 weeks.

 Would you:

A. try to convince your partner that a ski trip is what’s best for you both right now, emphasizing your mental and physical health?

B. actively listen to your partner’s view to understand why it matters to him to host his family at your home?

C. tell your partner that you’ve just discovered the house has termites, and you’ll need to tent the house to spray for bugs during the holidays?

D. come up with a third option that is mutually agreed upon for you both. Maybe take a ski trip for one week and then host his family for the second week?

If you selected D or B, great job! You're on the right track towards compromise and effective communication with your partner.

If you chose A or C, we understand the struggle and are here to help!

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