RELATIONSHIP QUIZ: Relationship scenario - what would you do?

You and your partner have decided to plant a tree in front of your beautiful home. You'd prefer a fruit tree, however, your partner would much prefer a shady oak tree.

Would you:

  1. Actively try to convince your partner that a citrus tree was the best and only option for your home along with a list as to why.  
  2. Actively listen to your partner's view on why the oak tree was a better choice and why it matters so much to him.
  3. Wait until your partner plants an oak tree and then sneak out at night and cut it down.
  4. Come up with a third option of a tree that you both mutually agree upon.

If you selected D or B, then you are in a great position with your partner about compromise and effective communication.  If you are struggling more in areas of A or C, we're here to help.

Relationship Scenario - What would you do

Note: These quizzes are intended to be educational. If you feel you and/or your relationship could benefit from learning a new way to connect and communicate, we're here to help. Click here to locate a certified Imago Relationships Professional in your area.

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