How do I know I married the right person?

Right is a tricky thing to seek. I would suggest that there is no such thing as the right person. Harville Hendrix says: "Instead of looking for the right relationship, become the right partner."  

I imagine that you're with a partner who you subconsciously recognize as the person best suited to meet the deepest longings you've had from childhood. Early in your relationship, you were attracted to each other because of the potential s/he/they had to give you a sense of security, support, acknowledgment, and confidence that you unconsciously desire.

In Imago Relationship Therapy, we believe that you are, therefore, an Imago Match. You were made for each other, perfectly set up to be a source of healing or a means of completing the work unfinished work of childhood development. We do not find the "right" partner, we emerge as the right partner. The work that you do as a couple will be waiting for you in whatever relationship you are engaged in.  

Written by:

Hayley Hoffman, MA, LGPC

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