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The Imago community of clinicians is one who greatly values our own continuing education and growth in Imago Therapy and theory.  Consciousness takes ongoing work!  To that end, the Imago International Training Institute (IITI) faculty has created a number of courses designed to deepen and expand your knowledge and expertise as an Imago Clinician.  The title of Certified Imago Advanced Clinician indicates to the public that you have achieved that level of expertise.

Who can become an Imago Advanced Clinician?

All therapists who have completed the 3 Modules of the Imago Clinical Training, 6 months of supervision, and have been certified by their Clinical Instructor (Faculty) are eligible to work towards the certification of Advanced Clinician.

There currently is not an Advanced track for Imago Professional Facilitators, although it is being developed. Facilitators are welcome to participate in Imago Advanced Training courses, however, they won't count towards Advanced Certification.

What are the benefits?

In addition to the remarkable growth and healing opportunities by your participation in these courses, you can advertise yourself as an Advanced Clinician on the IRNA website and in your own marketing materials.  This certification reflects your commitment to your own personal and professional evolution and growth and is bound to be attractive to prospective clients looking for especially competent therapists.

What do you have to do?

In order to become a Certified Advanced Clinician, you must complete the Imago Advanced Training, Characterological Growth.

Additionally, you must complete any 3 of the following courses currently being offered:

  • From Despair to Repair
  • Brilliant at the Basics
  • Giving and Receiving Love
  • The Attuned Therapist
  • The Journey of Change
  • Connected Parents, Thriving Kids
  • Sex, Sensuality and Imago

The Imago International Training Institute (IITI) may continue to offer other courses as they are developed. Only these courses and not outside continuing education courses satisfy the Advanced Clinician requirements.

Course Structure

IRNA Sponsored Advanced Training courses are offered online via Zoom.

They meet over 4 days, typically Friday - Monday, from 10 am - 5 pm Eastern time (6 hours of learning per day plus breaks).

Overall Cost and CE Credits

IRNA Sponsored Advanced Training base price for Imago Practitioners:


20% discount for IRNA Gold Members
10% discount for IRNA Silver Members

Non-therapist/facilitator/educator partners can participate for ½ (full) price.

24 Continuing Education (CE) Credits per course available for an additional $40

Certification Process

Coming soon...

Upcoming IRNA Sponsored Advanced Training (coming soon...)

2022 Training 1

2022 Training 2

2022 Training 3

2022 Training 4 


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