Imago Certification Training

Help couples live more fulfilling lives.


What if we told you the days of couples fighting in your office could be over? It’s possible with Imago! When you use the Imago Relationships approach, couples often feel much more connected...even after their very first session. You’ll be able to help couples communicate in a safe and structured way that removes blame, shame, and criticism and lays the foundation for deeper and healthier connections.

Learn the secrets to unlocking relationship patterns and helping to create lasting, healthy relationships for your clients while providing a safe environment that helps them work together and use conflict as an opportunity for growth and healing.

Continuing education credits (CEs) for therapists are currently offered online and offline in these training sessions: Imago Clinical Training and Fundamentals of Imago Training.



Are you tired of being a referee? Most people want their partner to change so they can feel better. By using Imago’s relational approach, you can help couples heal together and work as a team. You’ll guide them to uncover the root problems and patterns fueling most conflict and disconnection.

Transform your practice by understanding the unconscious universal dynamics of why couples select one another and why conflict occurs naturally. Become an expert on helping couples heal after an affair, often from the minute they walk through your office door. Expand your self-awareness of the core aspects of your own relationship patterns.

Our program is unique, highly effective and shares the secrets to working with couples to expand their RelationshipIQ so they can heal, grow and thrive together. Take your career to the next level...deepen your clinical knowledge, grow your business and know yourself!



Guide your clients towards profound growth and healing so they can experience the relationship of their dreams. Imago Certification Training will take you there.

Our team of certified Imago professionals is passionate about helping you on your journey of learning and growing as a Certified Imago professional. Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll become part of a community dedicated to transforming the hearts and minds of people in all types of relationships. We invest in relationships and invest in you with a network of resources right at your fingertips.

Connect your couples, connect to your new community, and help your clients develop their RelationshipsIQ. There’s a reason why Imago continues to grow in all cultures and languages. It’s simple, Imago relationships work. Start today!

Becoming certified in Imago therapy was the smartest move of my career. It transformed my practice, my clients think I’m a wiz, and my relationship is healthy and vibrant. This work helps us grow into better versions of ourselves, and I am a better person and therapist because of Imago. I am profoundly grateful and LOVE what I do.

- Jeannie Ingram, LPC-MHSP

I love teaching and sharing Imago because it works! Couples describe Imago as magic! Imago teaches a structure we can learn right away and breaks the code of how relationships work well.

- Evie Shafner, LMFT

Upcoming Training

Online Training

An introductory course, open to anyone interested in learning about Imago. This course is equivalent to the first module of the certification training program.
Fundamentals of Imago

Sep - Nov


Certification Training

To become a Certified Imago Therapist, Facilitator or Workshop Presenter. Training provided by Imago International Training Institute.

Workshop Presenters Training - Maya Kollman
Pennington, NJ

Mar 11-15,
Jun 26-28 &
Oct 8-10

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Imago Clinical Training - Michelle Bohls
Austin, TX

May 7-10, 
Aug 20-23 &
Dec 10-13

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Imago Clinical Training - Garet Bedrosian
San Diego, CA

Jun 4-7, 
Aug 6-9 &
Nov 19-22

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Imago Clinical Training - Carol Kramer and Marcia Ferstenfeld

Module 1 only
Jul 20-24 
Aug 3-7

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Imago Clinical Training - Rebecca Sears
Washington DC

Sep 16-19, 
Dec 2-5 &
Mar 3-6 2021

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Imago Facilitator Training - Klaus & Evelin Brehm with Michelle Bohls
Austin, TX

Oct 22-25
Jan 21-24, 2021 
Apr 8-11, 2021 
Jun 17-20 2021

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Advanced Certification Training

To become a Certified Imago Advanced Clinician. Training provided by Imago International Training Institute.

Giving & Receiving Love - Orli Wahrman with Michelle Bohls
Austin, TX

Oct 2-4

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Outside of North America?

Imago networks can be found all around the world. Over two thousand Certified Imago Therapists can be found in nearly 60 countries.

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