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ImagoInsights are online learning opportunities designed to shine a light on the brilliance of our Imago community - that means YOU - and to showcase the vast collection of knowledge of Imago professionals on topics like: trauma, sexuality, affairs, parenting, addictions, anxiety, humor, ADHD, etc. Many of you also have the knowledge to share about additional modalities you've incorporated into your Imago work with couples, including EMDR, Heart Math, ACT, Neurofeedback, Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly, Brainspotting, Sand Play, Somatic Experiencing, Discernment, Voice Dialogue, and so much more.  

You get to design your course and get paid for your work. IRNA markets and enrolls participants. Silver and Gold IRNA members get discounted enrollment. CEs will be available. Everybody wins!


The Imago Community invites you to share your knowledge!

If you have an Imago Insights class you're longing to share, this is your opportunity

ImagoInsights Webinars

Family, Politics and Holidays
Dorsey Cartwright &
Cheryl Dolinger Brown

Nov 19
& Dec 3

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Exploring Antiracist Conversations, ImagoInsights Invites...
Jake Franklin &
Amanda Ruckel

Nov 29

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Generations Dialogue Workshop & Post-Childhood Nurturing
Dorsey Cartwright
& Maya Kollman

Jan 21, 28
& Feb 4

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Reimagining Your Relationships
Amy Elizabeth Gordon

Jan 27 & 
Feb 3, 10

Envy as a Concept and Operation in Working with Couples
Bernard J. Baca

Feb 18 & 25

Past Webinar Recordings

When Enough is Enough: Learning when it's time to let a couple go
Maya Kollman
& Josh Gressel
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Imago Parenting Program - Specialization Courses
Babies Brains
The Parental Contract
Parenting Teens
Marcia Ferstenfeld
More Info
5 Forces that Destroy Relationships
Pat Love
More Info
Crisis and Suicide Assessment and Intervention
Jeannie Ingram
More Info
Listening When You'd Rather Not: Bridging Divides
Cheryl Dolinger Brown
More Info
Sensory Processing: Enhancing the Imago Process
Kathy Dickinson Gray
More Info
Bring on those Reactive Couples - You've got this!
Rebecca Sears
More Info
Couples and Ketamine
Susan McBride & Mark Cornfield
More Info
The Imago Mini-Vision Exercise -
A mandate and a measure
Sophie Slade
More Info
Sex and Couples Therapy - 4 Part Series
Dr. Joe Kort
More Info
Bridging the Racial Gap - 3 Part Series:
Beginning, Continuing and Deepening the antiracist dialogue
Sonali Sadequee and Charles Sue-Wah-Sing
More Info
Sexual Ethics: Being an informed therapist with any client
Dr. Joe Kort


More Info
Healing Through the Screen:
Creative therapeutic interventions when working with couples online
Kalanit Ben-Ari


More Info
When Violence Erupts During a Pandemic:
Dealing with domestic violence in couples therapy
Maureen McEvoy


More Info
Introduction to Discernment Counseling
Cheryl Dolinger Brown


More Info
The Road to Calm
Carolyn Daitch


More Info
Trauma Informed Practice for Imago Therapists
Maureen McEvoy


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Working with Highly Intuitive People
Michelle Bohls


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